What is Erasmus Mundus ?

The University of Calabria was established in 1972 in Cosenza (Italy) to spearhead the development of this Italian southern region. Today, UNICAL represents a leader institution of higher formation attracting a significant number of professors, researchers and PhD students from different countries. More than 30,000 students stay in the Arcavacata Campus (the largest in Southern Italy) and in the neighbourhood of the millenary city of Cosenza. The University includes six faculties (Engineering & Material Sciences, Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Mathematical-Physical- Natural Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences, Economical Sciences and Political Sciences) and 25 Departments. In UNICAL, the R&D and teaching personnel includes more than 2000 units. 15 PhD Courses and 5 PhD Schools are active in the Academic Year 2009-2010, accounting for about 200 positions per year. The University promotes academic research and strongly encourages practical applications at commercial level as a key to economic development in the Calabria.


The European Membrane House and the European Membrane Society support the creation of the Master EM3E-4SW.

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