Student facilities

The welcome and the hosting of students in each university is a priority of the EM3E-4SW team. The student life committee is in charge of helping students in each university and to improve the facilities offered. You will find below the main facilities at the universities belonging to the EM3E-4SW consortium :

Université de Montpellier  
Université Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier

The service of International Relations at the University of Toulouse has rooms in student residences and contacts to facilitate the search for housing in private homes.

The service of International Relations and the foreign students service organize an annual luncheon buffet reception for convention or exchange program students and two evening parties for all foreign students newly enrolled in the university.

The Federal University of Toulouse (Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrenees) is also involved in hosting foreign students: assistance in finding housing, bilingual aperitifs, evening parties, three weekends per year to discover the region, a free tour of the city and a cruise on the Garonne. The university network proposes to bring together students and families of Toulouse for meals and excursions.

The division of Student Life has developed services and is endowed with software and hardware to assist the integration of students with disabilities (motoric disabilities, hearing or visual deficiencies). The University is accessible to disabled people in wheelchairs.

Specialised educational actions for foreign students organize a welcoming tutorial in which advanced local students, teachers and administrative staff participate.

The Department of French foreign language teaching proposes French classes and adaptation to French academic work classes during the academic year and during the summer. The departments of foreign languages provide instruction for non-specialists mainly in eight languages.
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University of Chemistry and Technology Prague
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Universidade Nova de Lisboa 
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Universidad de Zaragoza

Once in Zaragoza, the University has specific support staff to help students with residence permit procedures. The UZ owns four residence halls, works with other 6 private residence halls and has an “Accommodation Support Service” for students who want private accommodation. The International Relations Office will also support EM students in this matter. They will book rooms and give other kinds of support if necessary. Alll registered students can enjoy: 

University of Twente 

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