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The University of Montpellier (UM) is a scientific and technological university occupying a single geographical location on the ‘Mediterranean arch’, favourable to a broad international opening. The offer of scientific, technological and managerial education is diversified (Bachelor, Master, PhD) and is supported by a dynamic and internationally recognized research. The dynamism of its laboratories and a voluntary policy of transfer to industry are important assets for the socio-economic development and the professional insertion of the students. The University is associated through 50 laboratories with the majority of the great national research organizations. These laboratories are gathered within 10 departments of research. 2500 permanent staff and nearly 14,900 students (where 1,030 PhD students) take part in the life of the establishment. The UM is distributed through 7 components: a Scientific Educational and Research Unit  (Faculty of Science – 6,000 students), an Educational and teaching sciences Unit (IUFM – 3,000 students), 3 University Institutes of Technology (IUT of Montpellier, IUT of Nîmes, IUT of Béziers – 4,400 students) offering 13 specialities, an Engineering School (Polytech' M – 900 students), and an institute with twin poles in sciences and business administration (Institute of Business and administration, IAE – 600 students).



The European Membrane House and the European Membrane Society support the creation of the Master EM3E-4SW.