Sponsoring Opportunities

EM3E-4SW offers you the possibility to sponsor the programme. We welcome contact from your organisation and are happy to discuss any idea which could facilitate the recruitment of EM3E-4SW students. Please contact us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There are four main ways for your organisation to sponsor and become a business partner of the EM3E programme.

1. "Student sponsorship" programme: Your organisation will have the possibility of sponsoring a qualified EM3E-4SW student selected by your organisation. Selection criteria are defined by the sponsor organisation jointly with the EM3E-4SW admission and evaluation committee and in addition of the EM3E-4SW admission criteria. You can funding totally or partially a scholarship. Full-funding scholarship is named and advertised under your organisation name. The close relationship between organisation and student may form the basis for a continued collaboration after the student's completion of the study programme.

2. "Internship" programme: EM3E students perform their master thesis placement during the second year (6 months period). You can participate in this programme by offering our students an internship. You will have the opportunity to select the candidate.

3. Recruiting EM3E and EM3E-4SW graduates: EM3E-4SW brings you the CVs from EM3E and EM3E-4SW students (recent graduates and students in the last year), can advertise about your vacancies, organises professional forums, etc.

4. Supporting the EM3E programme: You can also directly sponsor the EM3E-4SW programme: patronage.

EM3E-4SW thanks all our partners and supporters for contributing to the master programme and for trusting us!

Organisations co-funding directly EM3E-4SW




Organisations involved in the "Student sponsorship" programme 


Organisations involved in the "Internship" programme







The European Membrane House and the European Membrane Society support the creation of the Master EM3E-4SW.

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