Master thesis Courses

Master thesis

The fourth semester (S4) is devoted to the master thesis (minimum five months). It can be performed in a EM3E-4SW partner university or in an external organization (research center or industrial company) after agreement of the EM3E-4SW consortium.

The master thesis is co-directed by an academic staff member of the university where the student performed his/her third semester (S3).



Course content

The courses offered in the master are at the interface with differents sciences (materials science, physical-chemistry, chemical engineering ...) which are applied on various specific applicative fields (energy, environment, food industry, pharmacy, biomedical application ...).

The first year (S1 and S2) is dedicated to courses on materials science, physical-chemistry and engineering. The first semester of the second year (S3) has for objectives to turn these sciences into applications.

The content of the EM3E-4SW master programme per semester can be downloaded here.


The European Membrane House and the European Membrane Society support the creation of the Master EM3E-4SW.