E-learning platform

An E-learning platform in Membrane Engineering (EMEDU for European Membrane Engineering Education) is currently developed at http://www.em3e-4sw.eu/emedu. The aim of this platform is to aggregate the knowledge in membrane engineering through Europe in order to :

  • To give to Erasmus Mundus students access to a computer-based teaching or training
  • To promote the exchange between teachers and students the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters and Doctoral Programmes
  • To allow long life learning in membrane engineering 
  • To develop a social and informal learning of our community (students, industrialist, teacher, researcher)
  • To improve citizen awareness on these topics 

In order to promote networking, the platform offers 4 different spaces :

  • The "Erasmus Mundus area” dedicated to formal learning of the students and the teachers of the Erasmus Mundus master and PhD programmes in membrane engineering
  • The "Membrane Engineers and Researchers area” dedicated to social and informal learning in membrane engineering will be open to the Erasmus mundus (master and PhD program) teachers and students, to the EMH and EMS members, and to all students (from Europe or third country) working in membrane engineering
  • The "Long Life Learning area" will be open to all the members of EMH and EMS willing to be formed to membrane engineering and to improve their practical and theoretical level in the domain
  • The "Citizen area" will give to all visitors general information on membranes and their applications in the industry.
NOTE: Visit the E-learning platform on www.emedu.eu with the login and password given when you register to Erasmus Mundus program, to the EMH or the EMS. If you just want to visit the "citizen area" you can use for login and password the word visitor.


The European Membrane House and the European Membrane Society support the creation of the Master EM3E-4SW.

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